Why You Should Only Hire a Level 5 Arborist

Tree management is an essential part of maintaining a property, and it is crucial that all tree work is carried out by a level 5 arborist. Working with trees is not only dangerous, but it requires strong knowledge, training and experience. As a result, it is important that the person you hire is qualified; this ensures that your tree work is done effectively and with awareness in order to prevent accidents and needless damage occurring to trees and property.

Unfortunately, the industry is filled with people who have little to no training, and who as a result end up performing poor tree work. They may refer to themselves as a professional when they really know no more than how to cut down a tree or branch. Poor work could have long-term consequences, such as legal complications and loss of unique tree specimen.

Use an online service to find a qualified level 5 arborist near you. Ensure that you check a person’s proof of qualifications and references before hiring them to work for you, and ideally select someone who has at least three years’ experience working in the industry.

How to tell the difference between a faux and genuine level 5 arborist

A genuine provider will possess a Diploma of Arboriculture; this ensures that they have obtained a high level of knowledge in the field of tree care and have passed both practical and theoretical examinations in order to prove this. They will be able to provide you with evidence of their qualification as proof.

An inauthentic provider may list themselves as ‘certified’ but will not be able to provide you with any evidence of qualifications (or if they do, the documents may be fraudulent). Or they may possess qualifications of a lower level, such as a Certificate III.

Benefits of hiring a level 5 arborist


There are a range of benefits that a true professional can provide that a regular tree lopper typically cannot. These include:

Knowledge of council regulations

A level 5 arborist is trained to know what the different council regulations are and how this relates to the tree work that they can and cannot carry out. This makes them great to work with when dealing with the council. It also helps you avoid potential legal pitfalls that could occur from working with an underqualified tree surgeon.

Extensive knowledge of trees and their health

They are also highly educated in the field of tree health. From pest and disease management to specimen analysis, their extensive study ensures that they know how to best assess a tree’s well-being. It also allows them to deal with any issues in an effective manner.

Qualified to do reports and management plans

One of the main reasons to hire a true professional is that they are qualified to create tree reports and management plans. These are essential when developing a property or getting council approval to work with trees on an area of land. A lesser qualified tree surgeon cannot legally craft these documents.

Effective at removal and pruning techniques

They are also highly educated, skilled and experienced in performing pruning, climbing and removal work. This makes them less likely to cause or be in an accident, and ensures that the work they produce will be done to the highest quality.


When working with trees it is important to use the skills of a qualified professional to get the best results. Hiring a level 5 arborist allows you to make the most of your money. Ensure that you check your practitioner’s qualifications before engaging with their services.