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Why Local Businesses Love To Invest In Brochure Printing


What is not to love about a reliable brochure printing?

Well if you’re a local business there is a great deal to love about this marketing tool, offering a cost effective material that combines practicality with value.

Retail outlets, agencies, manufacturers and designers need an item that can promote their brand and inform the consumer base, but without burdening the company with major overheads and logistical nightmares.

Even in 2019 with a major transition towards digital advertising taking place, there are still semi-traditional formats like the brochure that are earning local enterprises traction.


More Information In Less Space


A newspaper advertisement will only give you so much space to work with. The same can be said for a billboard –even though the size is more significant, there is imagery and brand identification that has to be appropriate and in sync to the dimensions of the commercial. Brochure printing lets a business go crazy to pack in thousands of words without compromising on the dimensions of the product. A marketing team can go into detail about a new product, a special event, a special offer notice and more – all inside a single A4 tri-fold.


Portable Item On The Go

It is wise for local businesses to hand over an item that informs the user without becoming overbearing. Brochure printing is popular with politicians in these settings when it comes to informing the voter, and enterprises can utilise the same principles. From walkers on the street to store visitors and event participants, these items can be fitted into a back pocket, wallet or purse without giving it a second thought until hours later. That portability and flexibility for the consumer does matter.


Adding Value To Events and Pitches

Brochure printing can be viewed through the same lens as a business card, offering a brand image and customer value proposition but with an ability to go into much more detail. From a real estate agent who can pitch to a constituency about their selling capacity in the area to an automotive expert who fixes commercial vehicles and small sedans, the brochure becomes a tool that adds value to a pitch or for an event. People will likely come across these materials at trade shows and they are leveraged in these settings as a means of informing the participant without burdening them with a hefty product that becomes a burden.


Openly Creative

Brochure printing is an entirely open creative process where marketers and designers can enjoy a blank canvas to make their product. From classic tri-folds to half, double-gate, four-panel and Z folds, to including imagery, quotes, product information, customer feedback, logos, announcements and more – the options are endless for businesses that want to maximise their value. They are often utilised as a means of summarizing an event, a product or a commercial benefit that the brand offers the public. Whatever the singular purpose may be, they can be crafted and repurposed to suit any type of objective for a domestic company.


Cost Effective

Brochure printing can be crafted from basic A4 paper or coated with a gloss or matte to help the aesthetic presentation and texture. Whatever option is adopted by the company, this is a cost effective solution that allows an organisation to promote their cause with in-depth information, all without the need to invest big dollars in a television advertisement or social media blitz. Those types of campaigns incorporate a great amount of revenue to have the business occupy that space and bring aboard that degree of expertise. Whilst the cut-through might not be of the same level, the budget is managing more effectively as the marketing arm looks for ways and means of leveraging the items to the public.