Why a Business Will Look to Install a Drinking Water Fountain

Why a Business Will Look to Install a Drinking Water Fountain

The motivations behind a drinking water fountain installation for a commercial premises will be diverse. Some just want to have a great place to hydrate while others will be looking to add some extra value to the location. Whatever the push behind the installation happens to be, there is no doubt that it will be an advantageous investment on a number of counts.

User Convenience

If there is one reason why a business will pursue the installation of a drinking water fountain, it will be to ensure that staff members, visitors and other members have a convenient way of staying hydrated. They don’t have to look for vending machines, bathroom taps, kitchen areas, shops or other avenues where they can refill, rehydrate and continue on with their day. Once they are positioned in the right areas of the premises, then it is about providing more water for more people in an easy to consume fashion, eliminating logistical barriers in the process.

Improving Public Health

Drinking water fountain

It is difficult to articulate just how important it is for people to drink water on a consistent basis. Accessing that recommended level of 8 glasses a day is essential, especially when men, women and children are losing fluid over the course of the day and evening. Everything from organ functions to skin conditions, pain, mental performance and more is impacted by our ability to remain hydrated. By implementing a drinking water fountain or multiple utilities, companies are helping to improve public health through an extension of access to this critical resource.

Protecting The Environment

Being able to pass on bottled water stock is a major selling point for businesses that want to reduce their carbon footprint and help to minimise their waste. This is the common refrain for outlets that overlook the need to integrate a drinking water fountain – if they can sell bottles out of a vending machine or fridge, why have a flowing model on hand? The fact remains that there is no material waste when there is a flowing utility to hand, minimising the waste of bottle collections that pile up over time.

Flexible Placement Opportunities

The good news about implementing a drinking water fountain for a business is that it can be placed just about anywhere. So long as there is a suitable plumbing framework put in place and that the installation complies with industry regulations given its proximity to other components, then it will be a great asset to have. This includes areas around canteens and kitchens to public walkways, hallways, sporting facilities and other domains where individuals need to hydrate.

High Industry Competition

Local businesses that want to tap into the use of a drinking water fountain won’t be short of options, especially if they are situated in a metropolitan area of the country. This is where drinking water suppliers will issue these units at a fair rate, ensuring that they are keeping pace with demand and reducing financial barriers for members. By scouting the industry far and wide, it is easy to establish where the value will be found from these outlets.

Boosting Location Value

In the event that a business wants to eventually sell their premises and move on, then they have installed a quality feature that adds to the bottom line and increases their leverage as a sales price. There are any number of options that enterprises can take in this setting, but this is an easy way to enjoy sell-on value. It is beneficial for organisations to do their homework with a drinking water fountain to see what will have the greatest longevity for potential buyers.