Six Fun Ways To Recycle Bongs

Six Fun Ways To Recycle Bongs

Got some old bongs laying around that you no longer need? Or perhaps you were gifted one or two that you never got around to using? In today’s article we’ll be sharing some fun ways to recycle your unused bongs so you can buy new ones guilt free.


Want a quirky way to display those lovely flowers you’ve been gifted? Wash out old bongs and use them as vases. Pretty much any water holding container can be used for this purpose and bongs are particularly useful for smaller bunches as the slimmer stem helps to keep all your flowers standing nicely upright.

Drink Decanter

You probably don’t want to do this one with bongs that have actually been used but if you’ve been given one or two that don’t suit your preferred style, they can make a great drink decanter if you’re looking for something that’s a little fancy but also different. This will make for a fun talking point at parties and your friend who gave you the bongs will be glad that they’re being put to use.

Propagation Station


Got plants that are ready to be propagated? Instead of spending a whole lot of cash on buying a purpose built propagation station (or waiting forever for a cheap one to arrive off the internet) why not recycle your old friends into a device that brings life? Any seed or plant cutting that needs to be propagated in water can generally also grow pretty happily in bongs and you’ll be helping the environment in two ways since you’re not using all that extra material and energy to create a new product.

Windowsill Herb Garden

Carrying on from our previous point, if your unloved bongs have a shorter spout, they probably won’t hold enough water to propagate clippings, however, that doesn’t mean they’re useless. In this instance, we suggest considering turning them into a windowsill herb garden. Herbs always carry the best flavour when they’re picked fresh so you’ll be able to level up your meals without even really trying and because the pipe section is short, it should be fairly easy to get enough dirt into the chamber for these tasty little plants to happily grow.


Got some fancy bongs laying around that you don’t make use of? Put them up on a shelf for display. They make particularly good decorations for those seeking a boho shabby chic aesthetic due to their eclectic nature but they can also be used as an element of interest in almost any style depending on the style that you have.

Watering Jug For Indoor Plants

Circling back to live indoor decisions, did you know that in most cases, it’s a good idea to actually leave tap water sit for 24 hours before watering your plants with it? This allows chlorine and other additives to evaporate out so that you’re not pouring them onto your plant babies and potentially making them sick. Old bongs are perfect for storing this water in during this period and they’re also often great for actually watering your plants with – they are often referred to as oil pourers after all and water isn’t all that different.

So, if you’re looking for a fun way to be kinder to the environment and want to do something with the older models you have lying around your home going unused, consider the recycling options listed in this article. If you’ve got any more fun ideas for recycling bongs, share them in the comments so everyone can feel better about their next shopping trip knowing their old ones are being put to good use!