SEO strategies

SEO strategies that you should be doing

Search engine optimisation is a very involved digital marketing application that has many different methods. As the SEO Melbourne world is constantly evolving, it is important to stay on top of upcoming trends and put them into practice to stay relevant. Businesses that are quick to adapt and implement these effective new strategies will gain an edge a clear on the competitors that don’t.

SEO may take years to fully understand the ins and outs of, but that doesn’t mean you should be naïve and not change anything in your campaign. For those of you who don’t know where to start, this article will go over the core strategies that you should be using and how they can benefit you.

Content creation

Creating high quality content to be hosted on your website, your social media pages and other websites is one of the most beneficial SEO strategies that you can do. The main goal of hosting highly engaging content is to increase your audience’s engagement with your website and brand. The more they read beneficial articles, the more they trust your brand and in turn the more likely they are to make a purchase.

Content hosted on your website is also a great way to capture search terms that are relevant to your industry. You should aim to have them placed within your website in an SEO friendly manner without the content sounding too saturated with the key term. Doing so will allow algorithms to crawl your website easily to know what you’re all about and rank you higher for those terms than a competitor that doesn’t do the same.

If you decide to go through and get your content hosted on other websites, be sure that they link back to yours. This will give you referral visitors and boost your websites ranking by improving your credibility. At the start you will more than likely have to pay to get your content hosted on other websites, but the end goal is to have such high quality content that consumers and bloggers are sharing it for you for free via their own social media channels.

Website optimisation

A commonly overlooked SEO strategy is optimising your website to make it look clean both from a visitor and algorithm perspective. Generally speaking, digital marketing agencies will assess your website initially to see what they are working with a recommend any necessary changes before continuing. This allows the greatest chance of success when you are starting your campaign.

Think of your website as the first impression of your brand to consumers. If it looks tacky, is slow to respond and doesn’t invoke trust, it’s more than likely they won’t want to engage with your brand. Having your website easy to read with a natural flow allows consumers to stay engaged with your website for longer periods of time.

Additionally make sure that your website is optimised for mobile as well. This will ensure that you aren’t hit with any Google penalties due to their shift in attention for mobile browsing. Mobile optimisation will again allow consumers to engage in an easier manner. If it flows well and visitors can read it well, chances are so can algorithms. Being easy to read and crawl will push your rankings up compared to a competitor that has a poorly laid out website.