Saying Goodbye To Inflatable & Bulky Headaches With Razor Kayaks

Saying Goodbye To Inflatable & Bulky Headaches With Razor Kayaks

For many people who enjoy the great outdoors, the choice of equipment is usually a major factor to consider. Australia is home to many opportunities to stretch our legs and explore the wilderness – oftentimes these little trips away from our day-to-day involve a variety of clunky and heavy pieces of equipment to drag around and keep track of.

Technology has made an impressive array of upgrades and updates to a variety of products and means of exploration that have changed the landscape of outdoor activities. From the Razor Kayaks that have allowed unprecedented maneuverability and reliability, to other wonderful upgrades to outdoor supplies like self-setting tents that have all but eliminated the stress-inducing task of setting up an average sized tent.

This article will focus on one element of upgrade that is sure to inject a sense of adventure in even the most cold-hearted of city-bound Aussies, Razor Kayaks.  

Technologically Outdoorsy

As international travel has become a pipe dream of the future, investing in equipment that makes domestic traveling all the more fun and exciting is simply too good to pass up, and upgrading your outdoor game is a fun way to become excited about exploring our own backyards again.

The team behind Razor Kayaks have adopted this principle in spades, allowing for the classic to be reimagined in its entirety and completely changing the way we see outdoor adventures. It’s part of an inspiring trend that is encouraging more companies to think outside the box when it comes to their lineup, and to adopt their future endeavours to be as portable, forward-thinking, and fun as Razor Kayaks have.

The Older Models

Razor Kayaks getting rid of headaches

For many outdoor types out there, the prospect of having a day on the water typically involved roof racks and careful driving to ensure they didn’t fly off at a red light. Long-haul adventurers would have to permanently give up valuable storage space in order to secure these old behemoths to their transportation which would often result in leaving some important supplies behind.

In the days before Razor Kayaks, there were very little alternatives for these adventurers. Especially considering the number of large lakes and rivers that exist in Australia, it’s a shame that so many had remained unnoticed and unexplored. The old models, while useful in their time, have taken a backseat thanks to the innovations of Razor Kayaks, bringing exploration to the 21st century.

You may be thinking, ‘but what about inflatables?’


The Inflatable Dilemma

Even saying the word inflatable sends a chill down our spine. Yes, they may be a little more portable than the old school models, but they’re also very susceptible to tearing and not exactly built to last by any stretch.

If a homeward adventure is on the cards, Razor Kayaks have taken the essence of portability and made it built to last, negating the need to blow up your vessel for every adventure, but also having the portability that is suitable for any occasion.

Marriage Of Technology, Style & Maneuverability

Here is where Razor Kayaks makes their presence felt. By taking the best of both worlds and none of the negatives, the company has managed to make upgrading your outdoor game easier and affordable with their range of products. Razor Kayaks have a range of professional-grade, and toughened vessels that are foldable, wearable, and made to survive the harshest conditions.

Razor Kayaks have also made it their mission to ensure their range includes products that befit any style of adventure, whether it be 1-person, 2-person, foldable or professional – there’s very little that Razor Kayaks cannot cover for your next homebound adventure.