Safety Tips For Using Scaffolding In Sydney

Scaffolding in Sydney is a revolutionary method that is very useful for construction jobs. It allows workers to reach heights are work comfortable from a height that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to obtain. Since you are working at a higher elevation it is important that you comply with all the safety guidelines and regulations.

We spoke with some of the leading scaffolding in Sydney to get some of the best safety tips for using them. So if your crew is constructing a new building or trying to change a light bulb here are the top safety tips that you should be following.


Abide by the weight limit

The most important thing to know about these structures is that they are designed by engineers to the point where they are able to calculate the exact weight in which the system will fail. Certain structures and systems will come with their own weight limit so you can adjust your team and projects accordingly.

Exceeding this weight limit is incredibly dangerous as it can injure those on the ground, those working on the scaffolding in Sydney and could even damage the structure that you are working on. Following the weight limit is an easy safety tip to follow and should be of utmost importance.

men while standing in scaffoldings


Transport the system properly

There’s a lot of little pieces that go into transporting the individual pieces that make up these great structures. You shouldn’t just be throwing each piece into a back of a ute all willy nilly. Stacking up the planks, bases and braces should be placed on the bottom while you also have the frames stacked on top of that.

You should also try to avoid putting the frames on the side of the bed as you are should be aiming to have everything as low as possible to ensure that it doesn’t bounce around. Frames that out past the side of your ute are definitely a hazard for people walking past and other motorists on the road. If you do have a shorter ute you may want to consider lowering the tailgate so that everything is parallel with your vehicle. If you do take this on board be sure to also secure the overhanging loads.


Install a guardrail

Working at heights can be dangerous so a vital piece of equipment you should be installing on your scaffolding in Sydney is a guardrail. Accidents can happen so this will ensure that no one accidentally steps off the edge of the platform.

It is also important to note that when you are working with this type of scaffolding in Sydney that you don’t need a harness. In fact if you were wearing a harness and were to fall off the structure you could potentially bring down the entire system with you injuring everyone working on it.


Use a work belt

When you are all the way in the air the last thing you want to be doing is bending down and back up every time you need to get a new tool. Additionally if you have everything lying around on the base platform you could accidentally knock it off and cause some injury to people walking below.

To counteract this hazard it is recommended that all people working on the scaffolding in Sydney are to wear a work belt. This allows them to store their tools and have easy access to them if they need it. If you don’t have the scope or budget for work belts you can also install a plank that is perpendicular to the base to act as an edge guard. This will stop any accidental drops.