Reasons You Should Be Buying Italian Furniture

Italian furniture is renowned for its classy designs and top quality items that are really built to last. If you’re thinking of making the investment, we’re here to help you feel rest assured. You will be reaping the rewards of this decision for many years to come. Here are our top reasons why…


  1. Handcrafted

Companies producing Italian furniture, pride themselves in handcrafted pieces. Being handmade, this gives plentiful room for customization in various materials, such as solid wood and leather.


  1. Uniqueness

The pieces are intended to be classical statements and to really stand out from the crowd. Purchasing a luxurious set of Italian furniture is hence a sure way to transform the chosen space in your home into something truly special.

A work of art, these pieces naturally capture the eye and will add an individual flare to your home that mass produced items simply don’t bring. Independent designs may be handpicked from prestigious artists, as the blueprint to be beautifully crafted, and adorn your home.


  1. Mood boost

And the items adorning your humble abode certainly have an impact on your mood and quality of life…

After a long day, there’s nothing like coming home to put your feet up. What’s better? “Coming home to an interior that’s inviting and evokes positive moods” (Kristin Whalen).

Some ways to do this include:

> Bringing more plants into the home – not only is green a visual calmative, but plants literally breathe in our crap (CO2) and return revitalizing oxygen to your chill zone.

> Changing lighting and paint colours – add more of the colour that makes you feel relaxed. Perhaps it’s a warm cosy yellow, or a restful blue.

> Creating a comfortable and stylish interior – Italian furniture being the epitome of both of these. Take for example, a full-leather sofa. Feel the difference when surrounding by textures and items you’re totally in love with.


  1. A history of intricate craftsmanship

So you know how we mentioned Italian furniture is renowned for being handmade? Well, this has always been the way…

The country of Italy has a long history of needing to work hard to bring in resources and boost the economy. While it has encountered its struggles acquiring natural resources (such as Iron), it did however have its strategic location on the Mediterranean working in its favour.

This is why those from this country have a long-running expertise, since ancient times, in using and transforming the materials they have. Skilled craftsmen mastered the art of transforming any materials that were bought and traded back to the country into well finished items – this developing into the perfectionist industry we have today.


  1. Variety and versatility

Italian furniture offers a large number of options. There are many different sizes and shapes, and types of product. Just to name a mere handful…

> Sofas

> Dining sets

> Bed

> Coffee tables

> Ottomans

That means it’s easy to find something for anywhere in your home. Be that for decor and practicality in any urban space; from bedrooms, to bathrooms, to gardens and courtyards, and much more.

With there being so many different materials and designs to possibly combine, there truly are countless high-end products, meaning you really can find Italian furniture to beautify any setting.


  1. Lasts a lifetime

There are clearly a number of benefits to explore for having luxurious Italian furniture in the home. But one of the leading reasons compelling homeowners to indulge in such an investment is that these pieces, being of such high quality, are truly timeless. With the right care, these works of art will keep providing you with classy comfort for life.