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How To Find The Best Pizza In Marrickville?

Who doesn’t love the Italian cuisine? It would be very difficult to find someone who said they didn’t like a delicious slice of a supreme or a divine bowl of spaghetti boscaiola. The face of the matter is Italian food is incredibly varied and full of unique, popular flavours. So, when you’re on the lookout for the best Made in Italy pizza in Marrickville, the following are several things you should keep a keen eye for.


Traditional Italian ingredients

If you want the best Made in Italy pizza in Marrickville, you want to make sure that the chef is using traditional Italian ingredients. So, when you’re reading through the menu, look for things like prosciutto, porcini mushrooms and ricotta. You want the most authentic version of Italian cuisine possible, so naturally, you want the most authentic Italian ingredients.


Woodfire quality

Not everyone is a fan of the woodfire taste, however, it is certainly one of the more traditional methods of making the best pizza in Marrickville. This method of cooking gives the crust a nice crunch and a delectable smoky twist. The taste can be so addictive that some people refuse to eat it any other way!


woman eating pizzaThey use fresh cheese but not too much

When we decide to make our homemade renditions of this flavourful Italian gem, we often go straight for the frozen cheese. And to be fair, a lot of restaurants would do the same thing. Frozen and refrigerated cheeses are easier to use and have a longer edible lifespan, however, if you want the best pizza in Marrickville, fresh cheese is the way to go.

Using fresh cheese like mozzarella or bocconcini can do wonders in terms of making your dish more flavourful. The reason fresh cheese isn’t used that often in the cooking process is because it often melts too quickly, and as a result, loses its consistency. The best pizza in Marrickville won’t have a murky, milky puddle of cheese in the middle of the tomato base. As a result, the more traditional Italian chefs will use part-skim cheese, which is cut very thinly to ensure that when it melts, it doesn’t ruin the meal.


Easy on the sauce

We all love our sauce, particularly when it comes to making a stacked-up meat-lovers or a scrumptious vegetarian. However, it’s very easy to overdo the sauce, so much so that it detracts from the other flavours on the base. Too much sauce can make the bread all soggy and unappetising, while too little can leave the crust all bland and dry. Italian chefs will often balance this by throwing a few ripe cherry tomatoes, which adds a nice, complimentary tomato flavour.


The dough is delicious

If you want the best pizza in Marrickville, you want a chef that is making the dough by hand, in-store. Indeed, the best dough will be the product of a careful process of mixing and kneading water, yeast and sugar into a bowl. Once in shape, the dough should be brushed lightly with oil and dusted with flour. If you are making the dough, only start applying your toppings once you are satisfied with the flavour of the bread.


Meats are pre-cooked before going into the oven

Finally, the best pizza in Marrickville will consist of meat toppings that have been pre-cooked before going into the oven. For example, ingredients like Italian sausage, bacon or pancetta should really be cooked before they go into the oven, just to ensure that all meats are adequately cooked when they are finally served to the customer. The same goes for any vegetables – grill your zucchini before chucking them onto the base. Pepperoni and prosciutto do not require any pre-cooking before they can be added to the best pizza in Marrickville.