How SMEs Think Creatively With Balloon Columns To Promote Their Local Brand

A local small to medium enterprise (SME) cannot enjoy a bottomless pit of cash to spend money on adventurous marketing exercises.

With a tight budget available that forces employees to think creatively and frugally with the funds they have available, there needs to be cost effective solutions that somehow expands interest in the brand and draws attention to the services that the community can benefit from.

Balloon columns tick all of those boxes, offering an affordable product that can transition into any form in a variety of settings whilst promoting the cause of the business.

From jewelers and bakers to clothing retail outlets, mechanics and car dealerships or gardening centres, this is a tactic that empowers owners and departments to spread the message in the most visible form possible.


Large Blow-Up Shapes

Size does matter when it comes to grabbing the attention of the public at large through creative balloon columns. By having an inflated design that stands out in the middle of the street or outside the shop front, consumers have no choice but to take a glance at what is taking place inside. This is a ploy that is incredibly simple but very effective in its directness, as designers and producers in this market can craft a palette that incorporates branded messages and shapes to suit any business type.


Season-Appropriate Designs

Seasonal designs are a fun creative way to maximise how SMEs can use balloon columns to their benefit. By including the company branding, anything from Santas during Christmas or rabbits during Easter can be crafted. This will tie in the business within the holiday season, all without blowing the budget or having to manage significant overheads courtesy of a short production turnaround.


balloonsGlowing Designs

Those outlets who are either scheduling their event for the evening or they are situated in dark indoor settings might look at balloon columns as a fanciful idea that isn’t practical. Without enough sunlight or light exposure, why invest in these items to begin with? Well there are bright and colourful designs that happen to glow in the dark, providing a party-like atmosphere for guests, clients and customers who want to really enjoy themselves. Akin to glow sticks for live music shows, this offers a tremendous aesthetic quality and it perfect for those social media content pictures.


Clear Transparent Columns

One of the cool and creative ways in which a brand can maximise the value of balloon columns is to purchase a set of clear products that are completely void of colour or decorations. Not only is this an even more cost effective approach to an already affordable exercise, but it gives off the effect of bubbles. Participants can get an experience where they almost relate to being under the sea, and it is a great tactic for any liquid or water-based brands that need to think a little bit outside the box to get some added traction.


Customer Giveaways

One of the logistical hassles that a local SME can encounter is how to dismantle and destroy the balloon columns once the event has wrapped up. Rather than going down that path, staff can handout the balloons as individual items and giveaways. This is perfect for sales days and opportunities where there are children and young families around. It is another way to promote the brand and remove the bulk product without stressing about storage or waste.



Balloon columns are light, fun, flexible and more than affordable for local SMEs to leverage their worth. It does not cost a lot of money to garner attention in the market and thanks to these providers, there are many ways a company can utilise their packages.