woman inside a salon getting her hair done

How Long Does Shisheido Hair Straightening Last?

Hair is a vital part of your appearance. It can be the difference between feeling great or not. Most importantly, the condition of your own mane can affect your internal emotions and impact your demeanor and confidence!

A common struggle that many woman out there will know is trying to manage frizzy or curly locks. Trying to tame wild hair can take hours and involve hours spent in front of the mirror with heating tools, styling products or in the salon chair.

It can be frustrating to have all that hard work undone by humidity or rain, and many people find themselves with fly-away’s by the end of the day no matter what the course of the day throws at them.


It’s a new age

However, with the introduction of new processes like the Planet Hair Japanese Shiseido hair straightening therapy, there is hope!  Frizzy haired people no longer have to deal with what god gave them. Chemical treatments can entirely change the nature of your hair and reduce your daily routine to only minutes.

So backing up, what exactly is shisheido hair straightening? In short, it’s a hair treatment process that uses heat and re-bonding to smooth and straighten your hair. It is much less harmful than keratin treatments, which received a flurry of bad press as people realise that they carried dangerous cancer-causing chemicals such as formaldehyde. Shisheido hair straightening is much safer for your long term health and does not carry the same risk as keratin hair treatments.

This product has been used for decades overseas, but it is relatively new to the Australian market. It’s already impressing and spreading rapidly throughout salons in Australian cities. As people are becoming more aware of the excellent results that people are achieving with this treatment it is become more and more popular.


So what can I expect with it?

Shisheido hair straightening will leave your hair feeling silky smooth, healthier and straighter right away. It’s a permanent treatment that works on the actual structure of your hair, so it can last for up to 6 months. Any new hair will grow back with your original feel and texture however though, so you might need to go in for touch ups every few months or so. If you have particularly curly or unruly hair you might need to go in more regularly.


Is there anything I should be worried about?

Because it’s your tresses it’s understandable to be wary of new technologies, especially when they have the potential to drastically change the feel and texture of the follicles themselves. Provided you go with a seasoned professional there isn’t much to worry about with shisheido hair straightening. It is far safer than comparable treatment processes, that being said it involves chemical so specialty training is required and a proper consultation is a must before you undertake any treatments.

If you have colour on your hair then you might find it a few shades lighter after your appointment. You can’t wash or wet your hair for several days afterwards.

A proper stylist will be able to access the condition and needs of your hair and tell you if you’re suitable for the treatment.

If you want to get softer, silkier hair then this an excellent thing to try. Many people find that they never want to go back to the way their hair was before and return over and over again for regular touch-ups.

For an excellent hairstyle why not consider trying out shisheido hair straightening, it could save you more time than you expect and you’ll certainly turn heads.