How Do Online Team Building Exercises Actually Work

How Do Online Team Building Exercises Actually Work?

When commercial enterprises are presented with the idea of online team building exercises, they might not be across how they are rolled out in practical terms. How much planning is involved? What do they look like? Thankfully there are enough case studies to demonstrate what form they take and how outlets use them to their own advantage.

Businesses Recognise The Need for Engagement

The initial starting point that outlets need to begin with for online team building exercises is understanding why they are introduced in the first place and how the strategy applies to their unique circumstances. The objective in this space is to open up lines of communication, to build productive relationships and to facilitate a sense of camaraderie and teamwork. It is very easy for organisations to expect the pieces to naturally fall into place, but without that ability to have fun and strategise on a regular basis, then there is every chance that people will just default to their common groups without ever really building those links that make for a successful workplace enterprise.

Participants Look at Exercise Options

The good news about online team building exercises is that they can offer a diverse range of activities for businesses that need to keep lines of communication open between people. From trivia and boardgames to virtual getaways, trivial pursuit, virtual book club, escape rooms, house tours, happy hour drinking sessions, simulated problem solving and murder mysteries, there is a wide variety of fun activities that are possible in these situations. The key is to be open to any number of possibilities and see what the group will best respond to from the beginning. 

Mixture Between Formal & Informal

Online team building

Online team building exercises will often become a success when these sessions are designed with a mixture of formal and informal approaches, allowing department officials to build rapport while striving towards tangible targets. The games side of the equation is designed for people to let loose and to enjoy themselves. Yet there will be scope for virtual team meetings, streaming live company events, aligning calendars and focusing on project development.

Every Device is Welcome

Just because a number of participants login to the session through their desktop or laptop device, that should not discourage members from getting involved through their tablet or mobile device. The level of access for individuals will vary, particularly if they are situated in an office environment, if they are at home or they are in transit at the time. So long as they have Internet access with a viable digital device, then everyone should be welcome.

Scheduling Remains Flexible

When there are strict protocols about when people login and when they are supposed to take part, it can be a challenge to run online team building exercises on a daily or weekly basis. Thanks to improvements in digital technology, members have the ability to login from anywhere in the world at any time. Businesses will be able to enjoy more success if they showcase a degree of versatility with online team building exercises, particularly for those remote professionals who might want to login and see a streamed session at their own time and at their own convenience.

Everyone Needs to Buy In

While flexibility is a key component of online team building exercises, there still needs to be an investment from people with this approach. If they are less than committed to the venture and see little in the way of returns, then they might see it as another corporate box ticking exercise. Should men and women buy into the process and recognise the value given their remote work conditions, then they will feel like they have a stake in it, contributing to how it is shaped and how it is run.