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How Businesses Benefit From Services Offered By The Centre for Corporate Health

The Centre for Corporate Health has proudly been in operation for 20 years and the results have spoke for themselves.

For what was once considered a taboo subject, professionals in this sector have been providing tangible assistance and strategies to ensure that people at working and living to their potential.

This is what leadership looks like for management figures who have a duty to their employees to service their needs and invest in their true potential.

So often organisations will struggle to comprehend why problems emerge or why individuals are falling short of their own personal standards.

Yet it is this enterprise that has worked towards alleviating stress in the workplace and offered solutions that have laid the groundwork for future growth.

Here we will examine how domestic companies have benefited from these services.


Counseling and Treatment

Before outcomes can be reached and prior to any programming or calls for action, one of the first steps that the best  Centre for Corporate Health will adopt is the need to open a dialogue. By utilizing their counseling and treatment services, specialists can open up about their stresses and anxieties prior to using some key coping mechanisms that are directly aimed at alleviating those issues. These are not so much directives as a means of letting the individual regain control of their own life, learning how to breath, relax and mediate when suffering from emotional pain. Other assistance can be sourced with anger management techniques where triggers can be identified and proactively handled in the moment.


Assessing Psychological State

Offering psychological assessments will provide a tangible sense for what impediments and ailments are hampering the potential of an individual. The Centre for Corporate Health will cover a range of assessments that could be pertinent to specialists who need to be surveyed for their own benefit, allowing information to be passed on transparently. The assessments will cover:


Conflict Resolution/Mediation Services

Companies will often have individuals within departments or across departments where conflict and failing to reach resolutions are common. The Centre for Corporate Health will use a variety of resolution methods and mediation services where issues can be identified and strategies can be implemented. The core phases of this program is broken down into two distinct segments:

  • Individual meetings between 40-60 minutes to meet privately with a psychologist
  • Group intervention to recap why these conflicts emerged and what team goals can be established to work towards a common objective

All participants are encouraged to take part in this process to give guidance and transparency across the board.


Employee Assistance

There is an intimate and personal one-on-one service that the Centre for Corporate Health provides their clientele. From round the clock access to regularly scheduled meetings and appointments to factsheets and an online support portal where employees can tap into wellbeing techniques, this is a comprehensive program that ventures beyond those initial consultations. So much of the hard work begins with the intervention of the Centre for Corporate Health, but the real gains can be sourced through future validation and discussions on the topic. Mental health is no longer viewed as a taboo subject, but it still requires diligence, hard work and persistence to make those behavioural changes permanent.



Companies all across Australia will invest in a certified human resources department but will often lack the skills or awareness to identify problems with their own people. The Centre for Corporate Health is an enterprise that attacks the root cause of so many of these issues by applying industry best practice and tackling the challenges head-on with modern solutions. Workers will feel stressed, depressed, angry and unwilling to confront mental, emotional and physical ailments that are hampering their ability to contribute to the business meaningfully. This is where the Centre comes into play.