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Food, Glorious Italian Food in Leichhardt

How do you say “pizza” in Italian? – Pizza – A universal word in any language.

However, the Italians pronounce it as “pittsa”, make sure to use your hands while saying it.

Italians love their pizza; it is the most popular food choice in any restaurant. Some famous pittsa toppings are marinara, pugliese, capricciosa and prosciutto.

Traditionally, a simple but delicious margherita topping is how it’s done in Italy, and a favourite for the rest of the world too. Buon appetito!

Caffè means Coffee in Italian, from Espresso to Cappuccino

If you ask for a “caffè” in any coffee shop in Italy, you will end up with a shot of espresso.

But there are many types available to order, such as lungo (a long espresso), doppio (a double espresso), a decaffeinato (a decaffeinated espresso) and a caffè con panna (an espresso with whipped cream), these all must be accompanied with an Italian dessert of course.

A few other common Italian coffees are cappuccino (a world-wide favourite), a marocchino, a macchiato, and a macchiatone, which is a larger version of the macchiato.

Italians drink their coffee in small doses but have a large coffee culture that has contagiously spread around the world, and across to Sydney’s suburb of Leichhardt as well.

Leichhardt’s Fine Wine and even Finer Sweets

“Mi scusi, posso avere un bicchiere del tuo miglior vino, per favore.”

You have politely asked for a glass of the best wine in Italian – You can thank me later.

A good vino must be enjoyed, religiously, with a delicious piece of an Italian sweet.

Grazie, Prego – thank you, you’re welcome.

Treat yourself with a slice of tiramisu cake, made from coffee-soaked sponge finger biscuits, no wonder why it’s one of the most famous desserts in Italy.

Calm your biggest cravings with a cannoli, a pastry cylinder of crunch filled with creamy goodness. Usually made with a ricotta cheese centre, normally sweetened with sugar.

Experience Restaurants, Community and Food Culture

Take a walk down Norton Street and you will be fully immersed into Sydney’s Italian food culture. Leichhardt is known for its restaurants, cafes, and community.

Experience the Tuscan-inspired architecture in the plaza, enjoy a gelato by the water fountain, slowly sip a cup of espresso in the sun with a biscotti. Step into many of the diverse local stores to explore the surrounding restaurants and Italian fashion trends.

Marion Street is a quieter location steps away from Norton Street, filled with an array of diverse choices of modern and traditional restaurants in Leichhardt and some wine bars to delve into.

Little Italy with a Big Taste in Leichhardt’s Italian Hub

Tasty Pizza. cheese pizza. Pepperoni pizza. Mushroom pizza. Mozzarella and tomato. Top view of hot pizza. copyspace

For authentic Italian food, there is no other address than Norton and Marion Street. Sydney’s local version of Little Italy, it is the destination for delicious food and wine to try, you may need to spend a few weekends there to try out all the options.

Practice your Italian in the plaza, getting to know the locals, or participate in eating a Margherita pizza with a knife and fork at a pizzeria.

Sample a Caprese salad while scrolling down the laneways. Let the kids get messy enjoying a gelato, after giving them a try of some of your gnocchi.

Ooze over a dish of Osso Bucco, and lust over a classic lasagne, that could potentially change your life.

Please any appetite with a few arancini balls and some bruschetta. Relax in a ristorante with a bowl of mushroom risotto, or a plate of ravioli.

Taste a plate of tortellini pasta, or a spectacular serving of spaghetti bolognese, even if you end up with tomato sauce all over your shirt, it’s worth it.

Live like a local with the restaurants in Leichhardt, and dive into its glorious Italian food culture and community.