Do You Need a Divorce Lawyer in Sydney?

Marriages in Sydney often reflect the same rates of divorce that are experienced country-wide, with approximately one in two marriages falling apart eventually.

Among all of the pain and anguish that is felt at these moments, there are services who can allow this transition to be as smooth as possible, allowing for all parties to move on with their lives.

If you happen to fall into this camp, then there are divorce lawyer in Sydney who are equipped with the skills and experience to guide you to a suitable outcome.

Yet there are points to consider during this phase, illustrating one way or the other if legal representation is the best approach.


Are Tensions Running High?

Your mental and emotional state is the first consideration that should factor into your choice of divorce lawyers in Sydney. Whilst a therapist can help talk through your problems in this domain, a solicitor can provide tangible peace of mind when it comes to securing your assets and alleviating other financial considerations that would be causing significant stress. When tensions are running high there is a need to speak with a calm and considered body, something that a legal firm will offer their clientele.


Do You Have Experience With The Law Previously?

What can often shape perceptions about the law and those who practice as a divorce lawyer in Sydney is previous experience as a client. Whether positive or negative, it is important not to let that scenario paint your perception of this matter. A legal separation is a unique case that necessitates an expert hand irrespective of the history.


Has Your Other Spouse Hired Counsel?

If there is a real chance for a conciliatory approach, then it would still be wise to obtain your own divorce lawyer in Sydney, but there is the potential for both parties to come to the table under the banner of one firm. This is where terms can be happily agreed as both sides make concessions before an agreement is struck. In the instance whereby a more abrasive stance is taken where the divorcee is fighting for assets and control over certain investments, then it is paramount that counsel is sourced as soon as possible. Mediation is always strongly advised by any legal representative as it offers the best outcomes during trying circumstances, but sometimes that is not possible.


Threats or Cases of Violence


When there is the genuine threat of physical harm and violence, then there can be little room to negotiate the merits of a divorce lawyer in Sydney. Domestic violence cases require immediate and urgent action, empowering counsel to impose strict penalties and restrictions. This can include sole child custody and a restraining order.


How Much Is At Stake?

As a client, you need to sit back and taken note of all of these talking points when mooting over the merits of hiring a divorce lawyer in Sydney. From child custody to household assets that are under your name or shared, including property, vehicles, equipment, paintings and furniture – each one of these elements needs to be thoroughly thought through before legal action is engaged. If there is the possibility that you will lose out on child custody or have to forfeit major assets that will cripple you financially, then there will be too much at stake not to seek counsel.



The ideal circumstances should see a divorce lawyer in Sydney reach out to the opposing counsel and look to find agreeable terms where the mediation runs as smoothly as possible. Falling short of that mark, you would be best placed to seek representation and set a benchmark for what you expect as a result of the separation.